Today, PHP is the most preferred web development language in IT Industry. Surprisingly, there are over 20 million domains on the web which have made use of PHP Web Development. The various web development tools such as Drupal and Word Press.

To become a successful website developer in PHP and able to explore one's own potential it is utmost essential for the students to utilize your 6 months Industrial Training in most effective manner. Freshers undergoing their 6 months Industrial Training in PHP,MYSQL at Gother Technologies (U) Ltd are ensured that they not only are made aware of the advance contents but are also made to understand the basic guidelines as well:

  • Usage of the Core Functions and Classes:
  • Analysing Data which needs to be fed in the Database
  • Learn not to ever Over-Comment in the Code
  • Keeping on the Error Reporting

Gother Technologies (U) Ltd recommends to the students who are undergoing their 6 months Industrial Training in PHP that whether you yourself are a developer or a free lancer who is developing applications on your own, it is still essential that you need should be speaking to the experts and understand more as to how you can more enhance the quality of delivery of your software/products.

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Gother Technologies provides PHP Mysql Industrial Trainingin Uganda, East Africa and Africa .

Our main focus is to provide the students with practical exposure to PHP. The course is prepared by keeping in mind the industrial requirements. Industrial Training in PHP is a modular 3 months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions.

PHP Mysql Industrial Training