A user’s network consists of both wired devices (that make up the LAN) and wireless devices (that make up the WLAN). With the increase in wireless technology a LAN is incomplete without wireless capability. This is where our updated approach to networking leverages the current technology to offer clients quality and secure connections inside their production networks.

Wireless technology is critical for business. Connecting devices wirelessly allows more flexibility and accessibility, empowering your workforce to collaborate across your entire organization without hassle. Gother Technology has the experienced technicians and advanced network management software you need to optimize your team’s mobility, security, and scalability. We help you get the greatest value out of your wireless environment with cutting-edge applications, identifying your network management goals to develop an operations management plan that fits your budget.

Comprehensive Network Management Services

Gother Technologies (U) Ltd is one of the leading LAN and WLAN service providers in Uganda. We have partnered with industry leading network gear manufacturers to offer our clients quality setups and supports for both LAN and WLAN.

In many situations, a wireless LAN is preferable to a wired LAN connection because of its flexibility and cost savings, as it isn’t necessary to run cabling throughout a building. Whichever approach a client chooses, or a hybrid of the two which is most cases, Gother implements well thought-out designs that center on user requirements.

The effectiveness of your enterprise network depends on how well your tools, processes, and applications work together. Routine network maintenance and operations management ensures your resources are available to all users quickly. An untimely disruption can lead to downtime and considerable revenue loss.

Our custom wireless network services include:

---Automated connectivity
---Internal hotspot support
---Separate identification keys
---Remote accessibility
---Heat map trackers
---Wireless VoIP systems
---Network planning and consulting
---Internal cabling and circuiting
---Secure guest access

Enhance Your Network Operations Management With Cutting-Edge Security Tools

We deliver high-quality risk management and compliance support solutions that protect your network devices from interruption and exploitation.Whether you need assistance with password encryption or email security, we can help you identify and address any vulnerabilities. Our technology experts help you:
---Inventory your devices and applications
---Reduce manual management with network automation
---Evaluate your infrastructure and test new solutions
---Keep detailed documentation of business processes

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Network Security Solutions for All Industries

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Assessment is vital to any network maintenance plan. Gother has the tools and expertise to analyze every part of your network. We evaluate the management, security, processes, and performance of your IT environment, then create a detailed vulnerability report to give you a comprehensive view of your network. Our network services offer all the information you need to understand your business processes and how they can be improved.

The Gother team understands every business is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy we can copy and paste for our clients. Instead, we work closely with you to learn your short- and long-term goals and recommend network services that are sure to improve your operations management plan.

Our detailed approach to network security involves a deep dive into your infrastructure to become familiar with your systems and equipment. We tailor our assessments to industry requirements, and our controls comply with everything from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). Whether you run a dealership, nonprofit organization, manufacturing company, or healthcare facility, we have you covered.