It is an insights platform that empowers video businesses to make strategic decisions. Clear, real time views on audience behaviour and operations can help in making confident business decisions related to backend processes, marketing, content strategies and exploit new opportunities.Gother Technologies Limited, we champion in providing tailored video analytics solutions to businesses in Kenya. Using video analytics makes your surveillance system more efficient, reduces the workload on security and management staff, and helps you capture the full value of security video by making your IP camera system more intelligent in its work.


Transform legacy business as the market moves, engage your customers with personalized offerings and monetize every single touchpoint.

Our video analytics systems are designed to use software to monitor your video feed around the clock, alerting you to activity so you only need to watch the cameras when something happens. This will help you best utilize your surveillance system, saving you time and effort.

It’s a world of data, and analytics are a fundamental building block for a video business. A surge of new content. Hunger for personalization. A need to be predictive. New advertising opportunities. Clear, real time views on your audience behavior and operations can help you to make confident business decisions for your back-end processes, marketing, and content strategies. Gother video analytics is a powerful analytics platform that can help you to exploit all of these new opportunities. Transform a legacy business as the market moves, engage your users with personalized offerings, and monetize every single touchpoint. Gother Video Analytics (GVA) is a ready to use, open software platform that converts data into insights, helping companies to understand what viewers want—and pivot rapidly to meet their needs.

GVA can help you to enable an integrated analytics strategy and continually refine digital content and business services—content strategy, digital advertising, marketing and operations—to drive your user experience, build consumer engagement, increase loyalty, open new sources of monetization, and meet the challenges of the digital age.


GVA is built with innovative, powerful technology to help you become a fully data-driven video company.

Our analytics and data-driven capabilities can help you to foresee future trends and make strategic decisions on innovation. Detailed insight into how your video service is being used enhances clarity on which new features, functionalities, experiences and devices could best exploit and expand your customer base, with speed of analysis reducing your time to opportunity.

GVA delves into your user experience to provide clarity on what your customers are watching and how they interact with content and adverts, measuring their habits, preferences and engagement time on an individual basis. These highly granular insights enable you to hyper-personalize the user experience in real time and use a test and learn approach to assess engagement.
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Improve efficiency, reduce time wasting and make cost savings.

Assess your entire service with a clear, bird’s-eye view over your platform. Choose from a rich suite of off-the-shelf batch or real time reports that provide detailed insights into more than 120 KPIs over multiple reporting areas, or create your own reports on a full range of business functions through our self-reporting capabilities, and use the metrics that mean the most to you.